Blogging is more productive than it looks. by Russ
January 29, 2009, 1:54 am
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Several days ago, I blogged/complained that the Observer didn’t even get a link on AU SOC’s official Web site. Proving that blogging isn’t always just idle whining and talking into the dark emptiness of cyberspace, I was almost immediately corrected by James Robertson that there is actually one on the SOC’s main page… You just have to scroll down, down and down, and then it’s on the left – a box with a graphic from the current issue and a brief description of what we worked on in the most recent issue.

And just a few moments ago, Tia Sumler, the SOC’s manager of marketing and web communication, responded with additional information about some recent changes and where our stuff has shown up on the SOC’s Web site. Among other changes she made recently, the “Student Work” page now not only touts the Observer staff’s hard work on Inauguration Day, the “American Observer” page actually links to the site. So, thank you, Tia.

Tia explained that the SOC’s Web site is dynamic, and fairly frequently updating, so unless things our work is regularly brought to her attention, it’s going to slip off the front/top of the SOC pages. So, it’s up to us to say on top of this, and if there’s something we want brought to the SOC’s attention, probably the most efficient way to do it is to directly contact her about it.

That said, maintaining a prominently and permanently placed display of student work for future employers (and potential future students) is a common feature at many similar programs, for instance, here and here. It’s good to get publicity and drive traffic for projects we’re currently working on, but providing lasting easy access of our good work is 90 percent of the game, in my opinion.

So, anyone have any suggestions to pass on to Tia about how we would like to have the school market our online clip file?


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