Emailing the Web 2.0 by Russ
February 2, 2009, 1:55 am
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So, from time to time I may point out things that have easy answers that I’m too oblivious too notice, or easy fixes that someone like James, or the others on our content team, can do, and maybe just haven’t because nobody has asked.

I was reading Anna Tauzin’s blog post about the Fem2pt0 conference, and while it was not of major interest in my life there was someone I know who might be interested. Several actually. I realized I could share it on Facebook, Digg it, etc., but do we lack an easy way to e-mail a blog post?

I’ve been toying with ways we could make an altogether better system of blogs without hassling and nitpicking our colleagues on the content team, but that’s for a future post, dear readers.


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found your post through the trackback url — if you check out the bottom of one of the posts on Fem2.0, you’ll see the share this button. there is an option to email the post directly within those tabs. you should be able to add this feature pretty easily, as should anna, so check it out — definitely worth doing!

Comment by Katie

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