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February 3, 2009, 10:43 pm
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In response to some of my earlier gripes, James Robertson began addressing the reasons the Observer Web site uses Drupal on his blog. It builds powerful Web sites without the fuss or cost associated with a professional CMS – and on that point I’ll bow to James’ authority on the subject. James is/has working/worked on bringing online a Drupal module called TinyMCE to make it easier for us to edit our stories and produce the main portion of our content, but it’s not an easy task.

So, again I’ll make my modest proposal: Rather than break James’ back making the blog section of our Web site more user-friendly for us and our loyal readers (he and the Content Team have enough to do,) why can’t we just install the latest versionĀ  of WordPress on the site and be done with it? Or at least try making it an option for those who are interested.

After all, even if TinyMCE is brought online, Drupal’s only going to get that much more complicated if we want to start creating stylized, branded blogs – the kind of thing that drives reader interest and then traffic – or if we want to create a group blog. And if memory serves me correctly, those are the main goals of our esteemed leader’s assignment to blog early and often (are you reading this, Johnson? Give us a sign.)

If only there was some sort of example of what I mean. If only sometime had used WordPress to set up a stylized, branded blog – with more than one contributor – with an easy-to-edit theme and CSS.

Something like this, for instance?

I’m sure some of those better-schooled in the Dark Arts of Web design will scoff. It definitely needs some work. But, like this blog you’re reading on the Web site itself, it’s a work-in-progress. Except working-in-progress with WordPress, for me at least, is easier and more likely to produce a useful outcome. With WordPress, there’s a much higher chance that I can solve a tech problem on my own without having to go nag James or Johnson.

From my perspective, it offers all the advantages of Drupal (open-source, free, infinitely customizable) but, to use the parlance of our times, it’s “shovel-ready.” With the latest version of WordPress – and with only the tools available to those using a free WordPress domain – creating content is absurdly easy. You should all really try it. We should all adopt it as our platform for blogging.

As part of my campaign to adopt WordPress blogging, all of my posts will from now on be cross-posted, and more often than not will probably have more of a polish to them when read at, so I encourage you to do that. I’ve also gone back and posted all my previous posts there – it took about 7 minutes (maybe.)

If any of my colleagues are interested, check it out – you can create and set up your own branded blog yourself without much fuss, or I’d be happy to take five to 10 minutes to show you how. And, since the goal is to create online destinations, if anyone is interested in joining the Observed blog as an author or editor, sign up for a WordPress user profile (no blog necessary, it will literally take you seconds) and email me.

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