BloggyBlock by Russ
February 16, 2009, 8:37 pm
Filed under: Russ

The only thing worse than having writer’s block is having bloggy block – the inability to even churn out lame Internet babblings. Just a few days ago when I felt like I had lots to say I posted this about helping jumpstart your blogging. The easiest is “pick a fight,” but you need someone to fight with… and I’ve already exhausted the list of people who pay enough attention to the Observer to start a fight with.

So, how about I make a list.

Good Things This Week.

  1. The new WYSIWYG back-end for our Drupal site. It’s  a vast improvement over what we were using – it helps the rest of us non-technical staff put the emphasis on the content, not just the form.
  2. The “featured blog,” and not just because this post is the featured blog. I’ve bought into the idea of blogs becoming a bigger part of our site – the blog as it’s own, living, breathing brand within the Observer. Earlier this week I would’ve said the featured blog graphic just sort of hangs there and isn’t dynamic… It’s still not dynamic, I’d like to see it follow the actual blog of the week – not just a single post. And clicking on the “featured blog” graphic doesn’t take us to the featured blog, just the graphic.
  3. The podcast: turned out way better than I expected. I guess I didn’t know what to expect, and it turned out really nicely – interesting, informative and not redundant with the content that appeared on the site itself. It also sounded very professional, thanks (largely totally) to Manuel’s theme songs.
  4. The new look. It’s cleaner and simpler. I worry that maybe it’s too clean and simple and I hope we don’t change the layout every week.
  5. Comments on my blog. Although when they’re from readers who aren’t paying tuition at American, they’re even better.

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