This Will Make Every Story We Write Better by Russ
February 18, 2009, 8:31 pm
Filed under: Russ

As we were brainstorming issue package ideas today, we kept running into a problem – how can we really say which direction a package will take if we have no idea what we’ll find. Tonight in Wendell Cochran’s computer-assisted reporting class we got a tip that might help us add backbone to any package: D.C. Data Catalog.

It’s a collection of 274 datasets on a wide variety of subjects – downloadable, malleable, chartable. They’re in a variety of formats, but it allows us to very easily shape some interesting data which can add color to our articles or make fodder for helpful multimedia.

Ever wonder how many homicides happened in the District in 2008, broken down by ward and method? Here I found it for you. It took 2 minutes. (click for full size)


There’s a great deal of very accessible data available on housing, construction and building trends. We should never do a story where we mention a neighborhood’s character without checking this site at least once.

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