They Can’t Fire Everyone by Russ
February 24, 2009, 11:11 am
Filed under: Russ

Or can they?

David Coffey tells me that not a single person made deadline this week.

“however, everyone did let me know what was going on, so i guess that’s some progress.”

In a sense. But, as Amy Eisman pointed out, content that comes after deadline is content that doesn’t exist.

According to Coffey, “they all offered to hold their stories till next week,” which is nice, but doesn’t help us put together this week’s package. That gesture is a step in the right direction in terms of building a relationship with an editor to make sure your stuff gets good play.

But, it still kind of puts Coffey in that awkward position of possibly having to blow up the whole issue if he sticks to his word and does not allow anything late to get posted… which doesn’t make editors happy.

One lesson I picked up on pretty quickly when working at the newspaper gig I had before coming to AU: there are lots of people who want your job and your editor probably knows it. Nobody wants your job, but they want the space your clips should be in.

In this case, Coffey has five stories from Angie Chuang’s class. I think he should grab the best one from our class, and that’s it for this week.

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