Everybody Say, “Hi Anna!” by Russ
February 28, 2009, 4:29 pm
Filed under: Russ

“Hi, Anna!”

As devoted readers may have noticed, Anna Tauzin is now officially joining me in the AmericanObserved blog. The goal has always been to make this a conversation – Anna and I have many off-line conversations about the Observer and so I’m very glad she’ll join me on the Web. She’s been involved with a lot of the technical aspects of our publication, particularly creating Flash and other multimedia packages – like this one – and so she’ll add a lot to the conversation here.

Anna is quite a prolific blogger on her own, sometimes about the Observer and sometimes not. And that’s great. The stuff she has to say about the Observer can easily be added to the AmericanObserved blog, and the other stuff can exist as it did before, or ideally as part of another group blog that covers other topic areas.

Anyone else who has something to say about the Observer – whether it’s six-times-a-week, once-a-week or just once – is welcome to join. Drop me a line and I’ll add an account for you.

Cross-posted at Blog/19 and AmericanObserved.


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