Our Beloved Professor by Russ
April 15, 2009, 10:07 am
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As the semester winds down and we turn out our final issues, our beloved professor sets the tone.

David Johnson, hard at work… hard at work?



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Their Work and Ours Too by americanobserved
March 30, 2009, 9:31 pm
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After the barn-burner of a post I just made, how about something lighter. Like how our work compares to everyone else’s.

Remember those broadcast people in our program? They do a full-scale TV news magazine every week. It’s pretty good. Sometimes it’s in Spanish. And wow, when did Annie Aho get that TV lady voice?

Our undergraduate friends at the Eagle, are plugging along too, helping us understand how not to write a cutline (click to see it bigger.)

The most tortured cutline. Ever.

The most tortured cutline. Ever.

Surfing away from the AU world, I think it’s useful to compare what other J-school grad students are doing as a yardstick to figure out what we’re doing right and wrong. We’ve hit something of a slump, but I think we’re comparing well.

The Columbia Journalist looks just like it did last semester, and it’s pretty spare – so is our site, but we kick it up with a broad Flash package which really helps. It’s also nice to see they have the same problems writing good headlines.

Columbia also has the “nyc24” which seems to be somewhere between the Journalist’s “city news” focus, and our focus on everything. Well, according to the school’s official Web site it’s focused around “GRIT,” whatever that means. I also broke their rules, by pronouncing it, “N-Y-C-TWENTY-FOUR.” That’s how we do in the Blogosphere.

Anyway, they definitely do some interesting Flash presentations to weave together some multimedia work, for any of you who are interested in that kind of thing. This is my favorite. Kind of choppy, and a little disorienting, but interesting. This one goes over the top, but really, when you’re talking about bail-bondsmen how can you not? It also gets points from me for following up on my favorite HBO show ever. But HBO did it better.

And for anyone who might be counting, or grinding his axe, Medill’s D.C. reporting program starts up again tomorrow.

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See You At Your New Job by Russ
February 18, 2009, 10:14 pm
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There’s been quite a bit of talk about meeting deadlines lately. Here’s more.

David Johnson sent us a rather gentle (in my opinion) email this week about meeting deadline:

“It is important that your stories are filed with enough time for production. If you don’t respect the deadlines, you are disrespecting your colleagues and abusing their time on class day.

File your content.”

He’s right, and frankly, this is the nicest thing an editor will ever say to you about making deadline.

When you’re still working on something Wednesday morning, that means a copy editor is sitting around waiting for you to finish… a multimedia person is creating a graphic that might be all wrong or just doesn’t fit with the content that’s coming… and you’re not helping produce the issue.

Does anybody notice? Maybe not. But after you graduate, someone will.

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